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New Annapolitan Golf

We are a group of supportive golfers who welcome players of all levels, and who have a general knowledge of golf rules, pace of play, and golf etiquette.

We play every Thursday from April to October at nearby golf courses, weather permitting. Our objective is to have fun, and to enjoy the outdoors and each other while playing. We are happy to welcome new members to our group.


Designed for learning about, appreciating, and engaging in indoor and outdoor gardening—in yards large and small; in pocket parks; and on patios, decks, and balconies.

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month, usually during the day (with some exceptions for specific programs). Members visit arboretums, plant nurseries, or gardens in the region; attend workshops and presentations; or visit each other’s spaces to experience their successes and help with challenges—no judgement involved, strictly for learning and ‘growing’ in good company!

The group meets indoors and outside, sometimes carpooling. Co-chairs distribute resources and information about events via email and encourage members to do the same on a private Facebook group.

Topics that may be addressed include--

  • Maryland native plants
  • rain gardens and conservation planting
  • planting with critters in mind (including pets and pollinators)
  • selecting, planting, and maintaining plants
  • opportunities to share plants and resources
  • designations such as ‘Homegrown National Park’ or ‘Baywise’

We follow the COVID policy of New Annapolitans and encourage members to do anything more that makes them feel safer--masking, testing, and practicing social distancing.

New Annapolitans - New Adventures (NANAs)

NANAs (New Annapolitans New Adventures) Interest group (IG) meets weekly for walks in and around Annapolis to share in fitness activities and to socialize with others. .

Join us for weekly walking opportunities throughout the year! This group is a great place to meet new friends, learn about the area, and experience a new adventure. Tuesday and Wednesday walks are between 3-5 miles depending on the venue and leader (and sometimes, weather). The walks typically start at 9:00 am, but the time can vary depending on the walk leader. The pace is moderate to brisk on both days, and walks range from trail walking to pavement walks.

Tuesday walks vary in destination from Annapolis to county parks further afield. They can be a walk through a wooded path or through a neighborhood with stunning vistas. The Tuesday walks are led by volunteers from the NANA’s walking group.

Wednesday walks are an opportunity to see the various neighborhoods in the Annapolis area. Georgina Hammond manages the Wednesday walks every week. FYI: The Wednesday walking group does not walk as fast as the Tuesday group, but they do walk quickly, covering about four miles in an hour and a half.

Details for all walks are in weekly emails sent to the NANA’s distribution list. If interested in walking, please reply to the leader of the walk, not to the e-mail sender. Thank you.

No dogs are allowed on any walks. Sensible sturdy shoes and a hat are recommended, bring water if desired.

Nuts for Nature

Wow! Walk and Drive for new outings to see Wetlands, Cliffs, Trees, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Swamps, Topiaries and more.  EXCITING outdoor Adventures in our County and Beyond! We will visit different places, expand our knowledge of what is available to us, and enjoy and learn from the beauty of our natural world throughout the seasons. Walks include visits to different natural areas, including the Arboretum, Nature preserves , special Garden centers or greenhouses as well as local walks to enjoy our local environment.


New Annapolitans ・ P.O. Box 5251, Annapolis, MD 21403-0700
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